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The future is here, build AI chat bots with the ability to create omni-channel intelligent conversational exchanges with customers, your teams and suppliers, saving time, gathering information and releasing your people to focus on high value areas in your organisation...

Why Microsoft Bot Framework for Your Business?

We use the Microsoft Bot Framework to create a unique artificial intelligence (AI) solution for your business. With the very latest in Omni-Channel technology, this super powerful AI can be utilised across all of the compatible digital channels you connect with your customers. For example, on your Website, Mobile App, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Power Suite, and Zoom to name a few!

Does your business need an AI chatbot that can speak? listen? understand? and even learn from the conversations it has with your customers? We will create your own bespoke AI model to provide anything from a simple question and answer service to a fully fitted virtual assistant to take your customer experience to another entireley different level.

You will have undoubtedly already experienced chat bots, as they are used in all manner of industries from retail to healthcare, where for example an AI based chat bot can perform a triage, and then seamlessly pass the patient onto a doctor or nurse.

Due to the immense flexibility of this framework we can also connect you to your customers with their voice, using an Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant AI Chatbot, or direct into Cloud communication systems such as Cisco WebEX and Ring Central. This is incredibly powerful, and suitable to a broad scope of potential B2B or B2C scenarios.

The Microsoft Bot Framework also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, we can use it to build your dream chatbot, and take advantage of such super powerful AI based services as image scanning, real-time language transalation, text processing, for example to provide sentiment analysis, or judging mood or emotion on a human face.

  • Features
  • 20+ Channels

    Ranging from the very basic to super advanced, Bot Framework Omni-channel supports connecting you to industry leading brands your customers are already familiar with, e.g. Alexa, Facebook, Google, Teams, WhatsApp.

  • Scalable & extendable

    Because BOT Framework is modular, it can be built upon and expanded over a number of key stages, as you integrate your new bot into your business it grows organically with you, when you do, at a pace you dictate.

  • Powered by Microsoft AI

    Industry defining AI chat bot capabilities, the broadest and most feature rich development platform currently available, fully integrated with the Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Azure Cognitive services suite.

  • Hardware Integration

    BOT Framework is capable of making a direct connection to a range of high-end Consumer & Business hardware, this includes smart devices, thermostat's, Cloud based telephone & office communication systems.

The benefits of Microsoft BOT Framework

When it comes to the capabilities of the Microsoft Bot Framework, there is very little you can't do.

We can connect your bespoke AI to each of these following channels that form part of your customer experience:

Artificial Intelligence & the Microsoft BOT Framework

Available across mobile, desktop, hardware, the possibilities for this technology will inspire new thinking for your business to create true competitive advantage.

With Microsoft AI at its core there are numerous potential areas in your business that can benefit from Microsoft BOT Framework.

Automate and bring together a number of tasks you repeat often, and have your AI BOT carry them out on your behalf!

As a Microsoft AI Solution Provider, Superluminal has access to the very latest Microsoft AI & BOT Frameworks to help you build your business an AI powered solution, specifically to your business requirements.

What is the BOT Framework Advantage?

We ensure your BOT is customised to your brand, bringing a consistent experience across your channels for your customers.

BOT Framework utilises skills that contain conversational building blocks to create a functional bot that can handle all manner of exchanges straight away, across all your consistent and common channels, e.g. WhatsApp, Teams, SMS.

The modular main BOT Framework is your space to grow your BOT with your organisation and your team.

Start off with a simple BOT to handle common customer enquiries, then get more intricate as you expand and scale up until your BOT can handle full conversations in an engaging and helpful manner.

  • Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) handles complex and rich conversations with your customers, wherever they are located, and on whatever channel they prefer.

In the home, office, car or anywhere else, they can engage your customers in new ways, and your customers will receive the solutions they need in one slick and helpful engagement.

You can use your VA across multiple platforms and keep the possession and control of customer data. It is your VA, dedicated to your business.

Watch a Demo Here

  • Teams Bot

Teams Bot

We can create a Microsoft Teams BOT to handle conversations with customers or colleagues through the all powerful Teams platform.

A Teams BOT can take part in one-to-one interactions, group chats or from within a a channel in a team. The possibilities really are endless!

You might want to also use a Teams BOT internally to connect workers to help desks, for example. BOT'S can also connect and sync different conversations across messaging apps and track employee engagement or to take surveys.

You can also use a Teams BOT for distributing praise around teams, for boosting productivity and any number of other helpful apps that can centre around wellness.

Watch a Demo Here

  • Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Assistants

This state-of-the-art "no-code"" method of creating a BOT is extremely powerful.

You can create a virtual assistant that handles enquiries and performs tasks based on trigger phrases which smooths and streamlines your customer relations process, improves internal communication and for example generally makes your website more helpful.

Some real life uses of power virtual agents include helping employees keep track of holiday and benefit information, providing opening hours and other shop information for visitors, and offering sales help and support.

Watch a Demo Here

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We've built it to showcase the many things that are possible with a Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Chat-bot!

How Can You Take Advantage of Microsoft Bot Framework?

Integrating this state-of-the-art technology into the very heart of your business is what we do.

Talk to us today to discuss the best Microsoft BOT solution for your business.


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