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Welcome to the Universe of Superluminal Software

We work in partnership with our Clients to build and deliver systems to take their business FASTER than light!

With decades of experience forged at PLC's and NASDAQ / LSE listed Corporations, we have expertise smaller vendors are without ...

We have a reputation for bringing demonstratable balance to our client's systems & business ... and with a level of care & expertise rareley seen elsewhere ...

Below you can discover how we work, who we work with, and that which defines us most ...

Cloud Software Development

Here at Superluminal we are software engineers, so we design our software from scratch, constructing critical systems that align to process and hyper charge your business. We can also maintain and upgrade your current system if its having problems, starting to hinder or requires change to meet with business needs.

We build software systems with the latest Microsoft AI, Cloud, Web, & Mobile technologies, and with 30 years experience in writing code our quality is guaranteed by design. Taking a holistic, agile, full life-cycle approach we can guide you through what can often be a difficult task, ensuring your software project is delivered on time, and is precisely to requirements.

We have previously worked for NASDAQ/LSE/F500 listed Global organisations in Europe and the USA, and on systems ranging from 10 to 000's of users! We specialise in providing enterprise grade apps & management systems, interfacing with financial systems and banks, and using tried and tested corporate techniques & technology at a truly enabling reduced cost to both Small & Medium Business, and Enterprise Business.

The Cloud approach is simple, a unified architecture, minimal startup cost, lower maintenance, zero infrastructure, and pay as you go, it really is amazing! Post our stringent testing & certification process our systems are typically 99.99% reliable and bug free.

For suitable commercial projects we also offer a unique part reduced fee, part equity arrangement. The future for all is a society and business that utilises Cloud, Web, & Mobile technology for the masses.

We offer a "warp drive" to the most futuristic technology NOW! Are you ready to take your business faster than light?

As a Microsoft Partner and Solution Provider, we’re strategically aligned with the world’s largest and most recognisable (Global) business software vendor, and equally importantly, their latest acquisition Xamarin. We also work alongside Apple, and Google, utilising their software frameworks and Cloud services. Click/Press below to discover more.

Superluminal Software Microsoft Partner Superluminal Software Microsoft Solution Partner
Cloud and Web Development
App Development

Mobile App Development

Xamarin Certified App Development HTML5 Web Development Xamarin Certified Android App Development Xamarin Certified Apple IOS App Development Xamarin Certified Windows Phone App Development

It's time to change your defaults! Apps are essential and Superluminal can help you realise and achieve the potential of your business with a Cloud Powered Mobile App. We utilise the very latest cross platform technology & techniques to produce "In Browser" HTML5 Web Apps, and "Native" Mobile Apps for Android, Apple & Windows, all from a single, centralised core codebase reducing costs significantly, and ALL the apps we build run fully native on their respective platform.

We apply the same stringent techniques for Mobile App development as we do for Cloud and Web, and when required we build complimentary back end Cloud based systems to work in unison with either our HTML5 Web Apps or our fully native Mobile apps.

From a complicated A.I. enthused App, to a simplistic information app, a wearable app, through multi-media video or music, geolocation, deep social integration, e-commerce, or enterprise line of business application, whatever the requirement we have the proven skills and experience to deliver it on your behalf.

We're fully certified for Xamarin Mobile Development and as a Xamarin Authorised partner our developers and our business have passed stringent examination so that Xamarin trust in us to deliver Cloud powered Apps and solutions using their technology. Click/Press below to discover more & find us on their partner website.

Superluminal Software Authorised Xamarin Partner Superluminal Software Xamarin Authorised Partner

Brilliant, intuitive, stylish Mobile Apps working at the speed of light! Why would you want anything else?

Artificial Intelligence Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning is arguably the most exciting computing development this decade (aside from Quantum Computing research that is!). Highly adaptable, mature Cloud based and Mobile based AI services utilising the Microsoft Azure Cloud are standing by, ready to provision your organsiation a Superluminal Software AI solution at a moments notice.

We can guide and help your organisation take advantage of this amazing new technology to build Microsoft AI powered solutions and truly revolutionise the way you do business. What is AI? It’s quite simple really, the computers can see, can learn, take note, and analyse patterns at the speed of light to give your organisation access to data intelligence like never before.

Using proven techniques such as Predictive Analysis, Microsoft AI can give your organisation a huge edge over your competitors. Utilising Microsoft Cognitive services and AI, we're building systems and Mobile Apps right now that are powered by state of the art Computer Vision, Knowledge, Speech, and Language Processing.

No longer is this technology the preserve of the niche, its available to your business right now, so join Superluminal Software in the AI revolution, there really has never been a better time to adapt and improve how you do business. Without it, by comparison your competitors will be in a parallel universe and your business will be going faster than light!

Artificial Intelligence Development
Big Data Development

Big Data Development

Big Data and its analysis is no longer for the big players! Big data is now, and for anyone, and by utilising Microsoft’s latest Power Bi software we can help give you unprecedented access to anything and everything you ever wanted to know about your business, and in real time, as and when it changes!

Whether your data is from a Spreadsheet, Cloud Service, Database, Internet of things device, RS232 based manufacturing device, Website, Web Application, Mobile App, Wearable, or anywhere elsewhere, it can now be analysed.

Superluminal Software can draw together every last byte of your data to build a analysis platform that connects seamlessly with ALL your systems via the power of the Microsoft Cloud. We can then build you a simply amazing interface for analysis and reporting that is tailored exactly to you and the needs of your business and is ALL accessible on any device, anywhere, at any time. You can then freely and easily analyse your data to spot trends and patterns to adapt and improve your business, and ALL at the speed of light!

This technology is nothing short of breath taking, talk to us and we can show it you in action, and demonstrate how you can start looking deep into your business at the speed of light!

BOT Development

Hot off the press! BOTS BOTS BOTS! They’re going to be everywhere! We promise! These aren’t bad virus and malware BOTS, quite the opposite! Really good BOTS, doing really good things! As a Microsoft Solution Provider, Superluminal Software has access to the very latest Microsoft BOT framework SDK to build you and your business a BOT!

What is a BOT? It’s a small piece of automated AI powered software, and it’s dead clever! What does a BOT do? Anything you want! How do they work? They do exactly what you tell us to tell them to do! And you can leave that to us! A BOT is AUTOMATION! They interact with your customers, take orders, answer queries! They eliminate the mundane, and empower your team to do better and more elsewhere in your business!

Imagine an answer machine from the 80’s, but kinda with a brain, that can reason and decide! Get it? We do! So talk to us, and as soon as you can, as this technology is exploding and we will help you and your business achieve automation levels never ever attainable before, and all at the speed of light!

We predicted that BOTS would take off back in 2015, now BOTS are beginning to be common place in our Cloud enhanced society. We're building BOTS's now! please don't get left behind without one!

BOT Development
Beacon Development

BEACON Development

Imagine being able to beam a message to anyone that walks within 20 ft. of your position at the speed of light... Imagine being able to know immediately when someone is in a certain place, and be told so at the speed of light... The power and reach of Beacon technology really is nothing short of phenomenal!

They may be tiny, but their abilities are truly magnificent. Utilising tiny low power transmissions (within a small range) to provide location services, beacons are an infinitely powerful solution to a zillion problems in a zillion spaces. Retailers can broadcast real time adjustable content to prospective clients, Transport providers can establish location at any given time, Leisure facilities can add value to their services, and the list goes on and on and on.

This technology is now proven and mature, and is ready for larger scale deployment. Superluminal Software are already working in this exciting space, we’re creating beacon based systems and app’s that deliver bespoke and sometimes tricky, process driven software to add intelligent control and management of our clients functions and processes.

Superluminal Software can deploy a beacon based software solution to your business within a relatively short time frame and you can immediately start to benefit from the speed of light!

  • Agile Development

    Agile Development

    With certified Agile Scrum Masters & Project managers Superluminal work to industry standard project & development methodologies to ensure your project is absolutely delivered to schedule, with full visibility across the entire team and development…

  • Legacy Maintenance

    Legacy Software Maintenance

    Superluminal software developers can provide ongoing maintenance, error resolution and incremental improvements to your existing on premise or Web based Microsoft ASP.Net, SSRS, SSIS, and Web Forms systems, thus avoiding the potentially gargantuan financial costs of replacement...

  • Payment Integration

    Payment Integration

    Superluminal have in-depth previous experience of integrating systems and applications with industry standard payment systems inc. Barclaycard, HSBC, WorldPay, Sage Pay & Stripe. We also build PCI compliant implementations within Apps or Systems…

  • Data Transfer

    Data Transfer

    Superluminal data engineers are highly skilled in planned, proficient data migrations across an array of leading databases, frameworks, systems. Your app or system data is by far your most precious asset and will be treated with the utmost care and attention at all times...

  • >ERP Systems

    ERP Systems

    Superluminal Consultants have worked on the latest and greatest of Enterprise Resource Planning software suites inc. Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards & Sage. We understand these vast systems at all levels and can help you overcome any issue you may be experiencing…

  • Security Audits

    Security Audits

    Security and vulnerability is paramount at Superluminal; we can undertake a wide range of high and low lever security exercises to ensure your app or system is fully secure, robust and ready for production. We don’t let them in, and nothing gets out unless it’s supposed to…

  • Website Construction

    Website Construction

    We love to build/update RESPONSIVE websites to the latest web standards using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our sites look fantastic on a PC, MAC, Tablet or Mobile. We also utilise HTML5 Canvas combined with smooth CSS3 transitions & fully animated elements...

  • Secure Testing Suite

    Secure Testing Suite

    Our stringent application testing regimes are “Cloud last”. All testing is via our VPN based; highly secure in house server services. Until your app or system is certified and commercially ready for deployment your secrets are very much safe with Superluminal…


Our very happy clients say this ...

SMP Ltd Client Testimonial

''Superluminal we’re invaluable in the transition of our old Telerik App to our new Native IOS/Android Apps. Providing key Consulting & project management, training team members and working seamlessly alongside us, they were instrumental in the delivery and release of our new Mobile Apps with newly extended & advanced features, and all to plan. I would not hesitate to recommend them! Truly Excellent!''

Neil Grant, Managing Director - SMP Ltd

''Their understanding of my concept and their subsequent vision to build my Cloud & Mobile App were EPIC! I am so pleased to be working with Superluminal''

Laura Robinson, Founder - My Icon Story

My Icon Story Client Testimonial

Match 2 Learn Client Testimonial

''After looking at their website and references I knew instantly they were who I needed to speak to. As a start-up our budget was low, we previously had 2 other developers which we trusted but didn’t deploy our vision as we wanted. It took Superluminal a very reasonable amount of time to get the platform exactly how we wanted it for a very reasonable cost. If you’re looking for development I would honestly look no further.''

Simeon, Founder - Match 2 Learn

''In their first year Superluminal radically transformed many aspects of our learning platform returning an approx. 50% reduction in resources, 60% monthly cost savings, 1000% speed increases and 98% less errors. We’re particularly looking forward to the next wave of roadmap to accelerate & enhance our capabilities further. Ultra-reliable, ultra-knowledgeable, and great people to work in partnership with.''

Dene Whittal-Williams, Managing Director - VE Systems Ltd

VES Systems Client Testimonial

Hond-R Client Testimonial

''Our last website developer took years to build us an E-commerce site and we were still not at all happy with it. Superluminal created a stunning new design, built a new and much faster site, saved us 75% on monthly costs, then moved all our products images & data, and all within 3 months. Cracking job!''

Russel Taylor, Founder - HOND-R

''Unparalleled knowledge of Software, a strategic partner for our Business and its Technology Road Map - SUPERB!''

Mark Green, Managing Director - 001 Taxis Oxford

001 Taxis Client Testimonial

Oxford Active Client Testimonial

''We have been working with Superluminal for many years now, their expertise in Cloud & Web systems is second to none.''

Owen McGovern, Founder - Oxford Active Ltd

''Superluminal designed and built our tablet pool management system, its faultless, just like them!''

Patrick Hayes, Owner - Hamonox Swimming Pools

Hamonox Swimming Pools Client Testimonial

Projects Showcase

Recent and past projects our engineers have worked on, hover/touch for more...

Xamarin Powered Mobile App Consultancy - migration & rebuild
The Worlds first ever, fully interactive, totally cross platform Web and Mobile app of its kind.
ASP.Net Azure Web App - Continual features upgrade, ongoing support & maintenance
Xamarin Android Mobile Tablet App / SaaS - Pool, engineer and chemical management system development
SaaS - ASP.Net Core Web Application - booking system with billing & invoicing development
Web App booking & management system development
Web App booking & management system development
Azure Cloud based Web E-Commerce system - online payments, content management, and stock control
Web based management system and finanace system integration development

Current & future projects

The future of computing now, hover/touch for more...

AI powered cross platform Xamarin Android/IOS App with Cloud back end services system.
Cloud based booking and management system
A multi-application, multi-technology Digital Transformation
HTML 5 Web application for asset management
Artificial Intelligence BOT software
Startup software project

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